Protects your valuable forage

Tenoplus® – Get more with less!

Best feed quality and highest economical efficiency – our premium plus film Tenoplus unites both of these goals! It was developed especially to meet the requirements of high performance wrappers as they are used by large dairy farms or contractors. With our unique PreTech technology we were able to produce a thinner film, with excellent results regarding technical properties and silage quality. Because of the 1900 or 2600 m per reel you will reach a higher running meter count and can wrap more bales with the same number of reels. Because of the possibility to compact the film inline during the PreTech manufacturing process the film structure and properties are changed and improving the strength of the film. The excellent adhesion of the film in combination with the very good tear strength enables a perfect sealing of the crop, both in round and square bales!

Powerful and airtight – even in argressive wrappers the Tenoplus offers highest functional reliability. With that improved quality you gain up to 73% more meters per reel, meaning: More bales per reel, less reel changes, less stops and less waste! Good arguments for more efficiency in silage production, aren’t they?

High performance, best protection, easy wrapping with our PreTech technology

The PreTech technology enables us to produce a film with a quality that has not been reached before. During production the multilayer blown film can be pre streched and thereby highly compacted. Besides a new Teno-recipe with a blend of a high number of different components, the controlled temperatures during the process are a centerpiece in our production.

The result is a very smooth surface combined with a very low air permeability. also PreTech films offer an additional adhesion, which is the basic requirement for a perfect air seal and thereby improved feed quality.

  • High economic efficiency
  • Time savings thanks to higher daily output
  • Top silage quality by improved bale stability
  • Less transports and storage space needed
  • Reduced waste handling
  • Reduces the environmental impact


Dimensions Colors Reels per pallet User manual Machine list
19µm x 730mm x 2100m
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21µm x 750mm x 1900m
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19µm x 730mm x 2600m
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