How to be sustainable in baled silage

We design for the future

As a leading producer of polyethylene film, we take responsibility for the environment in everything we do.

In short: We design solutions for the future.

With our services and products, we can help you as a customer to be more sustainable. Our growing sustainability portfolio consists of three brands: Loop (recycled material), Lean (reduced material) and Bio (renewable raw materials), representing different sustainable technologies.

How to be sustainable in baled silage?

  • Reduce your feed losses – Tenospin products have been proven with very low losses. Compared to market standard, with Tenospin, you can: Get a silage quality tested product, produce baled silage with DM-losses of 1% and decrease losses equal to 6-13 liters of milk per bale.
  • Be efficient – with our Tenospin plus products you can increase your efficiency by up to 73%!
  • Switch to our Lean Tenospin plus products.
  • Try our Tenospin loop! Tenospin plus and TenoBaleCompressor are also available as loop options reducing the carbon footprint by up to 50%!
  • Reduce your packaging waste by switching to packaging alternatives as Sleeve or Contractorwap.
  • Collect and sort plastic waste after usage for recycling – all Tenospin products are fully recyclable, including the packaging!

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