Tenospin loop™

Tenospin loop™


No need for compromises when aiming for more sustainability.

Producing a high forage quality that preserves as many nutrients as possible from the original plant material, is not only of major benefit for your animals, but is also very sustainable, as you keep the feed losses very low.

If you want to take the next step regarding sustainability, the choice of bale wrap can be an easy without making any compromises.

Tenospin loop is made from recycled material, is 100% recyclable and has been proven to enable excellent silage quality.

The Tenospin loop benefits

  • Contains a minimum of 30% PCR (post consumer recyclates) – Certified by Recyclass
  • Premium bale wrap which decreases the carbon footprint by at least 29%*
  • Tested by independent research institute regarding silage quality
  • Enables a true loop of recycled bale wrap
  • Same mechanical properties and wrapping performance as the regular Tenospin
  • Excellent stretchability and elasticity for perfectly sealed bales with long lasting forage protection
  • Suitable for all types of bales and wrappers
  • Good efficiency due to very high pre stretch levels up to 80%

*LCA modeled 2021 in SimaPro using data from the ecoinvent inventory database. Reduction in impact when comparing Tenospin loop 25μ to Tenospin 25μ virgin, cradle-to-gate.

Dimensions Colors Reels per pallet Manual Machines

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