How many reasons for recycled bale wrap?

Bale wrap that is premium and recycled

Tenospin loop, our premium bale wrapping film, that contains at least 30 % Post-Consumer Recycled material it going into the fourth silage season now. All around the world it has been tried and tested by farmers and contractors, proving that it can stand up to our regular Tenospin, when it comes to not only wrapping performance, but also storage stability and last but not least silage quality.

How about you? Did you already give it a try?

If not, how many reasons would it take to convince you? 

How about five million reasons?

We have 5 million reasons to offer! Because this is how many bales have been successfully made with our recycled bale wrap, and probably even more by now when you read this.

That’s quite a lot, don’t you think?

And it shows that it really does work – for all types of applications, even for the toughest:

Want more? We have it.

What began with the 25 µm Tenospin loop has over the years evolved into a broad range of PCR-based products, that have not only been tried and tested in field but are also certified by RecyClass.

In fact, our head start in research and development, when it comes to recycled bale wrap made us the first manufacturer to offer options with recycled content across our entire bale wrapping range, including our Tenospin plus with thicknesses of 21 or 19 µm, as well as the TenoBaleCompressor mantle films.

This can be a head start for you, too, to be a part of what will be the future.

Make old new again.

What makes the Tenospin loop range so special, is that the recycled material used here, comes from bale wrap, that has already been used and collected afterwards.

As we run three recycling facilities in Europe, we can transform these used films into top-quality regranulates, ensuring consistent quality and performance, which is essential for the production of new premium bale wrap, which offers the same performance levels as the traditional film.

We are right now working towards our goal of achieving 30% PCR content in all our products by 2025 and are happy that farmers and contractors see the value of this new way to produce silage and the importance of collecting and returning their bale wrap after use.

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