Wrapping season is on – and we’re here to support you!

The wait is finally over, and silage season is on in many regions.

We’re seeing wrapping videos and pictures coming in from many regions and we’re here for it!

Perfect view, isn't it?

If you’re already out in the field baling, we hope you’re having a trouble-free run 🙂

In case you are experiencing any hiccups, maybe double check machine set-ups and maintenance. If you’d like some input, maybe check out our Tenospin social media channels:

There we’re highlighting some issues, which can cause film breaking as for example this one:

Play Video

Do you already know our specialists?

For specific questions regarding application of our bale wrap and net replacement films in your machine including customized settings, you can also always reach out to our technical support team. 
They have many years of practical experience, speak at least 10 different languages and are out in field throughout the whole season – so we’re sure they will be able to help you!

Want to be more efficient?

Take the chance to step up in efficiency with Tenospin. Our free bale wrap guide will help you find the most efficient film, suitable for your specific machine and needs. It will also let you calculate your savings in time and money. So why not give it a try?

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