More bales per reel with new tenobalecompressor

Our strong product is getting even stronger!

Triolean, reduced material usage, is one of our focuses when it comes to product development,

also in our patented TenoBaleCompressor assortment. After extensive field trials and successful pre-launch of the product with our professional partners, we are now ready for the next step. In 2020 our 17µ products will be fully replaced by an all-new 16µ product range with more meters per reel, which will give contractors and farmers an even greater output.

More bales per reel, less stops in the field and less reel changes increase the efficiency while due to lower thickness, less material is used per bale and by that the environmental impact is reduced. The patented features, which give the outstanding stretchability of the product, are still obtained.

Also, our 20µ product in 1400mm width has undergone an efficiency boost! We have added 50m length to the reel, so that with an all new 1800 roll, bale output is increased!

All our new TenoBalecompressor products are delivered with our patented one piece sleeve packaging with edge protection for safe reel handling. It is 100 % recyclable PE and can be recycled with bale wrap.

Read more about our net replacement film here: TenoBaleCompressor

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